The 10 Bookkeeping Basics You Can’t Ignore


Most people think they can do without bookkeepers Melbourne but sometimes when you own a business you can’t afford to take the risk. The best thing of all, it is the basics which catch people out and they are often ignored; yet, the basics are the most important factors to consider today. So what are the 10 basics of bookkeeping you really can’t afford to ignore today?

A Bookkeeper Tracks the Money

To be honest, when you have a business you have money coming into the business and going out and this means you have to continuously track it. This can be very hard to do but that is why a bookkeeper is used today. The bookkeeper keeps a record of two books, one for receipts or cash coming in and disbursements or the cash going out. This helps to make things clear.

The Receivables

Now, some businesses don’t get paid immediately which means they have accounts receivable. When this happens you have to be able to track these accounts in order to chase payments and mark when the payments are made. Too many people don’t always chase some bills up and end up losing money. This is certainly something to remember when it comes to using bookkeepers Melbourne.

The Inventory

If you are selling products then you will have stock and whatever you have needs to be known and listed. When the inventory items are tracked then it will be much easier to track and can be important if stock goes missing or is lost. You wouldn’t think a bookkeeper would need to do this but they should to help ensure you aren’t losing out.

What Are The Accounts Payable?

When you are in business you have to pay for certain things such as goods and services and you need to know for sure what is leaving your accounts. If you don’t have proper bookkeeping you can easily get lost. However, bookkeepers Melbourne will help to sort all of these issues out making it easier to track. More explained here.

Loans That Must Be Paid For

Usually new businesses have some costs in which they have to pay, mostly loans and these needs to be kept under close guard. Having proper records of the loans can be important and the bookkeeper can help to ensure everything is in good order. Any loans payable must be accounted for.

Proper Sales Records

When you sell goods you make money and all of these transactions must be securely kept. It can make it a lot simpler if you were to be audited; and to be honest your books must be in good order. Bookkeepers Melbourne can be useful to help keep track of all of your sales and money you make. This can also help you to understand the position your business is in later.

Purchase Accounts

This isn’t about the items you sell but rather the items you buy for the business. Usually this is raw materials and it can be things such as goods to create your products and these need to be tracked also. A bookkeeper can make this part of the business a lot clearer and you can see what you are clearly spending on raw materials and goods.


If you own a business then you are very likely to have a number of employees and usually the payroll expenses are the costliest expense. However you need to ensure all employees and their pay is documented so that you know how much they are paid. Bookkeepers Melbourne can make this process simpler. Plus you have to report all expenses to the government at the end of the year.


The owner’s equity is really a record of the amount of cash you or the owner is putting into the business each and every year. This can often be a simple factor to keep a close eye over if you know what you’re doing. That is why a bookkeeper is being used more and more today by businesses.

All Retained Earnings

This is the amount of profit the business is making and the amount of money which is going back into the business. Really this is the money you make and invest in the business and it isn’t what money is being paid to the owner. Bookkeepers Melbourne are important to help keep track here.

You Need a Bookkeeper

When you run a business and have responsibilities to your employees you have to ensure you use a good bookkeeper like . These are the very best people to help you keep track of all necessary areas within the business. Bookkeepers Melbourne isn’t too difficult to find so why not look for one?